I set up Hope for Meaghan as a means to update family and friends of Meaghan Gerety on her medical status. While I assume most coming to this site are aware of Meaghan’s condition, for those who don’t Meaghan was in a terrible car crash less than a minute from our home. She now is fighting for her life after suffering a fractured skull and severe head trauma to the right side of her brain.

Below are news stories about the crash that are mostly correct.  Meaghan was not where she was supposed to be and not with whom she was supposed to be with (at least as far as her mother and I knew). The media got some things wrong.  Meaghan who is soon to be 16 (June 27) is a Sophomore going to be a Junior and according to a witness she was wearing a seat belt prior to the police arriving on the scene. In addition, Meg had severe bruising to her upper thighs (which I photographed) clearly demonstrating she was wearing her seat belt. The car had T-boned into a tree and the impact of the accident was on the drivers side rear door. Meaghan, who was in the passenger seat fractured her skull on her right side. The bruising to her right side from the seat belt was considerably more pronounced than on her left side indicating she was driven toward the driver’s side on impact. The recoil must have driven her head into the passenger side window or door. To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction. Ironically, and something the media would never report, the seat belt in this case contributed to her injuries. Meaghan sustained no other injuries to any other part of her body.  The story that appeared in the Virginian Pilot by reporter Kathy Adams linked below is the most accurate.

Email: magma2 AT gmail DOT com

Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.  Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.

Click here for the story that appeared in the Virginian Pilot.

WVEC 1st News Story

WAVY 1st News Story

Meg’s Accident Follow Up #1 Report WAVY TV

Meg’s Accident Follow Up #2 Report WAVY TV


70 Responses to “About”

  1. Betsy Hoke said

    i am praying for Meaghan

  2. Our entire family is praying for Meaghan and for as few setbacks as possible for her. Please know all of you are in our thoughts and prayers and we’re here for you if you need anything at all. All you have to do is ASK.

  3. evelyn pulito said

    you can be sure that we will pray for Meaghan.
    evelyn and andy

  4. Melody Grant said

    May God continue to strengthen and bless your family.

  5. Harry Baird said

    I have been praying for Meaghan, and will continue to pray for her throughout her recovery. We serve a great God! Harry

  6. Our family is praying for Meaghan and your entire family. She is such a precious girl and I know we serve a God of miracles.

    The Nunn Family

  7. Bob Miller said

    Sharon and I as well as many others at Calvary are praying for Meaghan! May God give you His perfect love to help you as you deal with the medical issues that Meaghan faces! Bob and Sharon Miller

  8. Kerry Starsky said

    I do not know this young lady but saw this on a friends page and have sent prayers up for her.

  9. renee edwards said

    I am praying for our daughter’s healing. God can do ALL things. Keep talking , visiting and encouraging her. My brother was in a massive car crash in a coma for 30 days. I just put him on a plane back to CA today. Miracles do happen. Prays for you and your family

  10. Sylvia LaDuct said

    Praying for Meaghan and a very quick and complete recovery. She is such a beautiful girl. I want to see that smiling face again soon! Also praying for her Mom and Dad, I know this is so hard on them.

  11. lisa mathews said

    Praying for you meaghgan and strength for your family. God is wrapping his loving arms around you

  12. Dan Nunn (Katlin's dad) said

    Our class at Atlantic Shores are praying for Meaghan and your family. Though we have never met, Katlin is Meaghan’s friend and therefore you are mine. If there is anything my family or I can do, please don’t hesitate to reach out to ask.

  13. Paul Michanczyk said

    Ame and I are praying for Meaghan and for healing to her body. We join with the rest of the Calvary family in praying for your entire family at this time. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any needs. 757-461-7043 is Calvary’s number.

    Paul and Ame Michanczyk

  14. Whitney Rusnak said

    I’m praying for you all and I’ve got my church family here in Korea praying as well. I love you guys.

  15. Steve Risk said

    God bless you guys. We pray for Meaghan’s recovery. We’re friends with Geoff and Tracy Hemphill and saw that Tracy had posted this on fb. We pray that God would surround your family and bless you greatly through this difficult time. His love is greater. Steve and Kelly Risk

  16. Darlene Quinlan said

    I just saw a link to this on a friend’s Facebook post. How devastating for you all. Al and I will join in praying for Meaghan and all of you.

  17. Glasgow Family said

    I saw this link on Facebook (Nunn Family) Prayers for Meaghan from Wilmington, NC. “Dear Lord, please keep a watchful eye on Meaghan, and a firm hold of her heart so she knows you are with her during this time of need”. Amen..

  18. Dottie said

    It has been my experience that the media report the most sensational conjectures and opinions and, even when evidence emerges to the contrary (blood tests, bruising), do not make a retraction or correction. As a parent, I know it is impossible to ignore incorrect information about your child but please don’t let this worry you. People who know Meaghan and your family will not pass judgement. Keep your energies focused in a positive way on the present ~ and the future.

    • Mary said

      I agree…please do not let the media or incorrect information worry you. There is no judgement…only support, prayers, and love.

  19. Tjandra said

    I do not know Meaghan or her family. What I do know is, prayers are better in numbers, count mine in.

  20. Kindra Haymaker said

    My thoughts and prayers are with Meaghan and her family everyday. It was such a shock to hear that such a horrible thing could happen to a family that I grew up with but I know that Meaghan is strong. Praying everyday from the other side of the fence.

  21. Gwen Walton said

    I am praying for Meaghan and for all the family and doctors. I am so sorry you are going through this. Please let me know if I can do anything at all for you.

  22. Karen Moore said

    I am praying for Meaghan and your entire family daily as are so many people. Keila loves Meaghan very much… Please let me know if there is anything at all that I can do to help your family.

    Your all in my heart and prayers

    Karen Moore ( Keila’s Mom)

  23. Lisa Demarco said

    “Hope is not pretending that troubles don’t exist. It is the hope that they won’t last forever. That hurts will be healed and difficulties overcome. That we will be led out of the darkness and into the sunshine.”

    We are all praying for you Meaghan & Mom & Dad too . Stay strong ❤

  24. Diane Ross said

    My thoughts and prayers continue to be with Meaghan and her strong loving family.

  25. Doris Meixel said

    You are continually in my thoughts and prayers. Please don’t concern yourself with what people who don’t know you have to say. Those that know you and love you couldn’t care less whether she was wearing a seat belt or not, only that she has a full, speedy recovery. Neither she nor you deserve to go through this kind of pain. You guys are terrific parents. You do not have to defend one darn thing.

  26. Shelly Bart said

    Praying for Meg and your family during this terribly difficult time. May God’s peace remain with all of you and comfort you when you need it most. Praying for her full recovery. Shelly Bart (Kansas)

  27. Aunt Coke said

    Sending love and prayers your way. Meaghan is constantly on our minds and in our prayers. Hold on to each other and to God. Love you…

  28. mom said

    I learned of your sweet daughter through the Facebook account of my cousin, Kristen Carlson Hunziker. Divine energy in the form of prayer is being sent to help both Meaghan and Carter and both families. God bless you all and keep you in peace.

  29. Carol said

    Meaghan and your family are in our thoughts and prayers and we pray she has a full recovery. We live a few streets over from where this needless accident happened and have seen many slow down as they drive or walk by. We all need to take this as a life lesson and never forget what can happen when someone drives while intoxicated. Prayers to all…

  30. Kathy Morrison said

    I am so devestated to hear of Meaghan’s accident and think of her daily. I have been checking facebook for any signs of how she is doing so it is great that you have set up this page. My daugther Kayla and I are praying for you and your family. Please let me know if there is anything we can do.

  31. Tade Allen said

    As neighbors and fellow parents of teenagers, we are praying diligently for Meaghan’s recovery and for your family’s strength and fortitude.

  32. Leah said

    I am praying for your beautiful daughter, God will bring her back..she has a purpose in this life that he has recognized.

  33. Lori Morgan said

    My family and friends have been praying constantly for Meaghan and the rest of your family. We will continue to do so. Stay strong and know that God is with you. Much love.

  34. kellie and kansas pope said

    Kansas and I think about and pray for Meaghan and your family and Carter everyday. I sent a link to one of the news stories to some friends so they would know what happened and asked for their prayers. You have prayers from all over Tidewater by now and from entire congregations, as well – and they’ll keep coming, so claim the victory! It’s a shame the media sensationalizes stories the way they do; they’ve made Carter sound like a criminal and a horrible person. The guilt he will carry will be deep and we know he never wanted anything like this to happen. Kansas wants to come see her again, but she understands you guys need some space as well as the strict ICU rules. We hope to hear more great news soon. (the story of the night nurse tells us Meg is definitely with us!) Her smiling face is always welcome in our house & we look forward to seeing her. If you need ANYTHING – grocery store trip, grass cut, dogs fed/walked…whatever…do not hesitate to call, 715-8170

    Sending much love and prayers!

  35. Tiffany White said

    My hopes and prayers are with you and family.

  36. on our knees in St. Louis and adding her to as many prayer lists as possible.

  37. Heather said

    My friend went to young life with Meaghan and shared her story with me. I just wanted to share that I am praying for both of these young lives. May gods mercy shine on both families so that they in health can teach others the dangers we all face in our daily lives.

  38. Alex Bergren said

    I have worried about Meaghan from the moment I heard of the accident, and my thoughts have been with the entire family. Tracy, you have been in my thoughts in particular. We had many conversations about Meaghan during her time at Salem MS, and I know how you love her and worry about her. I can only imagine the emotions you and the whole family are feeling now. I remember when I was young my father telling me his worst fear was that he would outlive his children. I never really understood it until I had children of my own. And in working with children, I always fear that we will lose one of our students. I will pray that you do not have to live out that fear. I hope you continue to find strength in each other and in your faith, and that Meaghan’s progress will continue to give you reason to hope. Meaghan is nothing if not stubborn. I am certain that stubborness will serve her well on the road to healing.

  39. Brittany Sterling said

    I will be praying for Meaghan everyday and for your family.

  40. AC Carr said

    This post showed up on my FB page through someone else… It caught my attention because we went through something similar after our 24 yr old son was hit by a car two years ago. Things started out touch and go but his story ended well after a very long year of recovery. I will be thinking about- and praying for your daughter Meaghan,and for you…it sounds like she is surrounded by a strong and loving family. God is good.
    Ann Carr

  41. Madison Marston said

    Meaghan and I didn’t really know eachother very well at school, but she was always so happy and beautiful walking in the halls. I have been praying for her everyday

  42. Jynine Thomas said

    http://www.brain-injury-law-center.com/stephen-m-smith.html – Cached►

    I read about this on facebook. I feel like God places people together sometimes for a reason. I know someone who has the resources and expertise to help Megan. I urge your family to contact him immediately. His name is Stephen Smith and his contact number directly is 757-650-9819.

  43. Jynine Thomas said

    WRONG NUMBER…Stephen Smith is 757-650-9818…..whoops.

  44. Charlotte said

    Hoping, praying wishing the best for your sweet girl (something about her reminds me of Gail as a youth) Sending love your way.

  45. Renee Edwards said

    Still Praying for Meaghan’s recovery and your family’s strength and well-being. It is so encouraging to hear of her progress. As I said earlier my brother was in a car accident with TBI in coma for 30 days and when he began to come out we handed him a pen and paper and he began adding numbers? This was the start of his recovery. I am happy to say he is alive and well. Not fully recovered but he was much older 30. I believe that Meaghan will recover and am so thankful for God’s healing and grace. Hang in there sweety and keep on trusting in the Lord for He is right there by your side. When you need help cry out and He will be there.:)

  46. Amelia said

    Miracles happen everyday. Don’t believe any doom and gloom prognosis. If my family had, I would not be here today. Meaghan has a long road ahead filled with obstacles but will also find many blessings. As Wayne Dyer says, Miracles can only happen when you get rid of impossible and allow yourself to experience the magic of knowing.

  47. Leslie Rosegger said

    Prayers are with you. My son was in an awful accident and has a TBI,. 2 months of hospitalizations, therapy and he is a walking talking miracle. The brain injury was his “only” injury as well. I am praying for her. I dont know you but I grew up in that area. We started a “blog” similar to this site. http://www.mikeyrosegger.blogspot.com xoxoxoxo to you

  48. Kristy Colli said

    Thank you Sean for sharing so much…we all continue to pray for Meaghan and for your entire family. I miss her presence and strong spirit working with the All Star team this year, but I know that same spirit is what is going to get her through the rough times ahead. God Bless. Kristy Colli and Alex Crawford

  49. Monica & Megan Dudek said

    Thank you for creating this blog and keeping us updated. We pray for Megans recovery and for your family. May each day bring new miracles.

    Love ~ Monica & Megan Dudek (from SWST)

  50. A few days before the accident, Meaghan had come up to me at the beach & appologized about a recent misunderstanding she got mixed up in, involving Sophia Howard. Meaghan cleared things up & verified that we were okay again. At that moment i had grown so much respect for Meaghan, hoping we would start to become good friends. Although we did’nt get that chance before the accident, Meaghan is constantly in my thoughts. & i check her facebook page everyday to see how she’s doing. I’m here for her, & i’m excited to not only hopefully become closer friends, but to watch her recover from this terrible accident. Hang in there Connor, Mr. Gerety, & Mrs. Gerety. 🙂

  51. Jessica Law said

    I heard about Meaghan’s accident on the way home from soccer practice the day that it happened. I didn’t believe it was true. As soon as I can home I went online and I saw the news report and I just didn’t want it to be true. I cried my eyes out for hours , that night. I know Meaghan and I were never close like her and Caitlyn or Keila but I consider her my friend. She would always say hi to me whenever she saw me , and she ALWAYS had a smile on her face. She would light up a room when she walked in. We were on the same volleyball team in middle school and she was one of the only girls who were actually nice to me on the team. I will never forget Meaghan and I KNOW she is strong enough to pull through everything that has happened. I check her facebook page several times a day to see if there is anymore news about her and it is amazing to hear she is doing so much better. I am not a very religious person but I do pray for Meaghan everyday in hope that God will make her get better soon. I give my love to Meaghan and her family ❤

  52. Wanika said

    I am glad to see this blog. My son Nic knows her from school. I was sorry to hear about her and was hoping for some news. I will be watching this blog for what I hope will be good news soon. My thoughts are with your family!

  53. Leslie said

    I do not know Meaghan or your family – but I was told about your website by a friend and wanted to let you know that I will also pray for Meaghan – I have already prayed for her. I believe in miracles- and in the power of prayer – I have been witness to this with my own son. May God surround you and your family and fill Meaghan with His holy healing spirit. Miracles are happening.

  54. Kim said

    Will keep Meaghan in our prayers, as well as her family, and physicians. Thank you for sharing her story and allowing us to join in prayer with you.

  55. Cindy Campbell said

    Tracy, Sean and Meaghan – You are all in our prayers. It sounds like Meaghan is making good progress. Thanks for the updates and we are always thinking of you.

    Cindy, Gene and Family

  56. Patricia Paras said

    I do not know Meaghan, but she has been very much on my heart since I heard about the accident. God will reward your faith over your daughter. Praise Him that this life is not the end of the road, and that there will be a time of no more tears or pain. Thank you for being faithful to God even through heart-ache and difficulty. It is inspiring, and your difficulty will change lives.
    Be so blessed! I am praying.

  57. Martha LeCouteur said

    My family continues to lift up Meaghan and your family in prayer.May you continue in your strong faith which is evident in your updates.May God richly bless you all.

  58. Jodi Allen said

    I know where Meaghan is and how her family feels because I was in this situation in 2006. I was in Nursing School to be a Registered Nurse and I got mad at a “boyfriend” for interupting my studies so I went out drinking. I learned my lesson the hard way and the long way but I regret every moment of it. I broke my whole right side of my body and could not talk or move for 2 months. I did manage babyish words. I broke my femur and my cocyx bones. I will pray for Meaghan to improve because I know what it was like for me to improve over the past decade. I have no vehicle and my “friends” have moved on in life. I was just a classmate who made a wrong decision. God will guide you through all turmoil and help you to better yourself. Trust in yourself first and your family next.

    • Jodi Allen said

      I also forgot to mention that I have a tramatic brain injury and have to force myself forward everyday in this world. I broke my femur, breast bone and my right arm looked like hunks of meat had been torn out of it. With the grace of God I rely only on Him. I know he made me and has control over what happens to me.

  59. Maryann Hakowski said

    We prayed for Meaghan’s recovery at all four Masses at Holy Spirit Catholic Church last weekend. Several of her friends are members here and now she has many more friends praying for her every day.

  60. Shari Cooley said

    Dear Tracy…
    Such wonderful progress for your precious Meg. I am praying for you and your family and hope that your time in Charlottesville goes by quickly so that you can all be together again.

    Shari (Smith) Cooley

  61. Eula Coston said

    Eula Coston Tracy I am keeping Meaghan in my prayer god have other thing for Meaghan to do keep your head up give Erin and Conner a big hug Love you all and god bless

  62. i am definitely praying for her. keep on smiling meaghan!! 🙂 ❤

  63. Laura Johnson said

    Hello. I teach 8th grade English at Salem Middle and have been following Meaghan’s progress online. I have a step brother who had a TBI as a result of a head-on motorcycle crash about 6 years ago, so I can certainly relate to what your family is enduring. I would like to offer my tutoring services, free of charge, if I can help Meg in any way. Although I did not teach Meaghan, she is friends with many of my former students if she would like to check my references. Please call me at 409-7045 if I can be of any assistance to you. I lost my mother to cancer two weeks ago, and it would be a way for me to help a family in need. Continuing to keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.

    Laura Johnson

    • Dear Laura:

      I’m very sorry to hear about your mother and stepbrother. My prayers will be with you and your family as well.

      Thank you for your kind offer. We just might take you up on it. Meg is being tested next week by the school so I’m assuming we’ll find out whether or not she’ll need any remedial help to get her back up to speed. I’ll let you know.

      Of course, you just might end up with my son Conor who is going into 8th at Salem Middle and two Gerety kids at one time might be too much to ask of any teacher. 😉



  64. Heidi Burke said

    Praying for your precious daughter. My 19-yr. old son and I were at the incredible Shepherd Center in Atlanta, which specialized in TBI and SCI rehabilitation. My son was critically injured as a passenger as well, and is a C-4 incomplete quadriplegic back at home in Springfield, VA. While we were at the Shepherd Center we saw amazing stories of TBI and SCI patients. My heart is with you. I’ve attached a link to the Shepherd Center, in case you are looking for a premier facility for rehabilitation.

  65. Best wishes for a good final outcome

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