It’s been a long time since I’ve updated the blog.  And, thanks be to God, it hasn’t seemed necessary.  Meg has been doing great in school and this past week even made principal’s list — straight A’s!  She’s on the cheer squad and the Salem football team just played their last playoff game last night, and, while a heart breaker, it was a great game (below is a short vid of Meg cheering earlier in the season with a little bit of our neighbor Khalib thrown in).  She has started to play softball again and has played a few games already with her High School varsity fall ball team.

Last March someone from the Eastern Virginia Medical School (they are the teaching school associated with Norfolk General) approached us about doing a short video for their website to help promote their school.  Seeing that they saved Meg’s life we were happy to do it.  As a result of that video Meg has become a bit of a local celebrity.  A couple of weeks ago one of her friends saw her picture on an advertisement for EVMS on the Norfolk Tide and snapped the above picture.

Meg hasn’t had a full seizure since September 2011 and has been off the anti-seizure med Keppra since the end of the summer.  So, this past week I sent paperwork to her neurologist so that she could be cleared to finally get her driver’s license and move up from a perpetual learner’s permit.  Things have been looking up and Meaghan has been in many ways your typical High School senior.

Then last night while cheering Meg started to complain about a headache behind her eyes and needed to sit out for part of the fourth quarter.  She took a couple of ibuprofens and started to feel better.  After the game we got Taco Bell and everything seemed fine.  This morning she woke up complaining of numbness in her left hand and tongue.  Not good signs.  Tracy and I decided to give her half of a Lorazepam, a med that we’re told can help stave off a potential seizure.  Better safe than sorry.  Unfortunately, about ten minutes later as I was laying besides her waiting for her symptoms to subside, one of her fingers on her left hand started to twitch uncontrollably as she turned to me with a look of helplessness and horror and immediately started to seize.  The whole episode lasted a couple of minutes as I yelled for Tracy.  Tracy and I held her as she fell into a deep stupor.  After she came to Tracy called the neurologist who said giving her the Lorazepam was the right thing to do and that we’re to follow up with her regular neurologist on Monday.

As I write Meg is resting and recuperating. Thankfully she seems fine. I think the impact of what happened hit her as tears started rolling down her face when she realized that her dream of getting her driver’s license any time soon was now back on hold.

Please pray that Meg doesn’t have to go back on Keppra, although I suspect they’ll want to put her on some sort of prophylactic anti-seizure medication.  Pray that, Lord willing, this might be the last seizure she has to suffer through.  Also, and as I’m sure you can imagine, having a brain injury can be stigmatizing and Meg has seen any number of friends come and go.  So, please, pray that through all this Meg will develop some true and lasting friendships, or rekindle old friendships, with people who will accept her for the blessing she is.

On another note, the young man responsible for the accident plead guilty to DUI/maiming and to an unrelated charge of possession with intent to distribute marijuana in August.  As a result of the drug charge he’s been in jail since May and will be sentenced for both crimes in December.

After you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself perfect, confirm, strengthen and establish you.